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Improving Green Space for All

Entering the Workforce with Tree Trust This summer, 174 youth are working on Tree Trust’s outdoor crews to improve public parks and recreation areas across the metro. For many participants, Tree Trust’s summer program will be their very first job. While adding high-quality improvements to public green space and learning landscape construction skills, participants also learn the basics
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What You Can Do to Care For Trees

Plant a tree the Tree Trust way! Are you planting a containerized tree? Did you know you need a handsaw? The process to plant trees for health and longevity is always improving- watch our video to learn best-practices!   Care for your mature trees As we lose more and more trees to emerald ash borer in the coming years, it is even more important for property owners to take care of their mature
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YouthBuild Program Celebration

On Thursday, May 24, Alexus sat at a picnic bench at Minnehaha Falls park, enjoying the shade on a 92-degree day. At a table behind her, the rest of the YouthBuild staff and participants were at work competing to build the tallest marshmallow tower on their last day of the program ā€“ a day of celebration! Reflecting on how she changed during her year in YouthBuild, Alexus laughed. ā€œIā€™m scared of he
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