NoMi Tree Species Available

Arborvitae 2

Techny Arborvitae – Thuja occidentalis ‘Techny’
12’-15’ h x 6’-8’ w       Full sun to part shade
Screening, windbreak, wildlife
The Techny arborvitae is a cold-hardy evergreen whose dense shape make it a popular choice for a natural screen or foundation planting.  This tree prefers full sun to partial shade and can be planted in mass as a windbreak. To avoid winter burn, water until the ground freezes.


Birch 2Whitespire Birch (Clump Form) –Betula populifolia ‘Whitespire’
 40-50’h x 30-40’w      Full sun to part shade
Energy Savings

Boasting nonpeeling, chalk-white bark and dark green foliage, this multi-stem tree can give you that “up north” feeling right here in the city. Perfect as the focal point in the front or back yard or to provide a place of respite for local wildlife. Resistant to the bronze birch borer.


CatalpaNorthern catalpa- Catalpa speciose
40-60’h x 20-40’w        Full sun to part shade
Showy, shade

Every year in late spring, this tree becomes adorned in a breathtaking display of showy white flowers. Not only are the flowers impressive, this tree has interesting upright architecture and as-big-as-your-face heart shaped leaves. A medium to fast growing tree, the catalpa can provide shade to a sunny property in little time.



HoneylocustSunburst Honeylocust-Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ‘Suncole’
30-40’h x 30-35’w        Full sun
Wildlife, Energy Savings

As this medium sized tree grows, it forms a graceful spreading canopy that gives excellent filtered shade to your yard. No need to worry about those annoying seed pods, as this tree is a fruitless variety. The leaves emerge a bright yellow then mature to a bright green giving your sunny yard a burst of color during the summer and fall.



Maple 2Matador Maple- Acer x freemanii ‘Bailston’
45’h x 20-40’w        Full sun
Energy Savings, Fall Color

 Deep red fall color and a rounded mature form is what the Matador Maple is known for. The matador is a fast growing shade tree that doesn’t ask for much more than a little water and love. Plant this tree in a sunny location for superior growth.


Siouxland PoplarSiouxland Poplar- Populus deltoides ‘Siouxland’
70’h x 40’w        Full sun
Energy savings, fast growth rate

This beautiful giant isn’t picky on where you plant it. As long as it gets lots of sun and room to grow, this seedless tree won’t disappoint. The dark green leaves turn an energetic yellow in the fall. Avoid planting near water and sewer lines.


TuliptreeTuliptree- Liriodendron tulipifera
60-80’h x 35-50’w         Full sun
Energy savings, showy

The Tuliptree is unique in this region and is sure to stand out in the landscape. Orange to yellow tulip shaped flowers emerging in spring give this tree its name. Interesting shaped leaves and a large stature are two other distinctive qualities. Dare to be different!


ZelkovaKiwi Sunset Zelkova- Zelkova serrata ‘Kiwi Sunset’
30’h x 15-20’w         Full sun
Ornamental, fall color

The Kiwi Sunset Zelkova is a distinctive medium-sized tree with upright weeping branches and lime green to gold leaves that maintain their bright color throughout the growing season. Adaptable to various soil conditions and well suited for life in the city. A great addition to any garden landscape.



Prairifire crabappleMalus ‘Prairifire’
15-20’h x 15-20’w      Full Sun
Showy, Wildlife

A small, rounded tree with brilliant red flowers emerging in the spring.  With its disease resistant purple foliage aging to red-green and persistent red fruit, this full-sun loving tree provides year round interest.  This tree is perfect as a focal point for any garden.