St. Louis Park Tree Sale

The St. Louis Park Tree Sale opens on Wednesday, March 1 at 8:00 am on this page.  Pick up dates for confirmed tree orders will be Sat, May 6 from 8:00 am-noon and Mon, May 8 from 5-7 pm at the St. Louis Park Municipal Service Center, 7305 Oxford St.

Things to consider:

  • Only residents of St. Louis Park are eligible to participate in this program.
  • You may order a maximum of three trees. Trees are $35 each.
  • Trees must be picked up on designated dates listed above or you forfeit the trees and the money you paid. Leftover trees will be planted in city parks.
  • You may not plant your tree on the boulevard (between sidewalk & street).
  • It’s the law to call Gopher State One Call (651-454-0002) at least three days before digging. They will mark buried utility lines for your safety.
  • You will receive a brochure containing information about tree planting and care when you pick up your tree.
  • Each tree will come equipped with a Plantra Tree Bark Protector to protect young trees from wildlife, winter sun scald, lawn mower and/or weed whip damage. These guards should remain on your tree for at least the first three years.
  • If you want to provide your tree with the most efficient watering system around, purchase a drip irrigation bag. Simply fill the bag with water and your tree will be deeply watered over 5-8 hours.
  • For more information, contact Tree Trust’s Community Forestry Department at (952) 767-3886 or

There are seven tree species available to property owners in St. Louis Park; they are listed below.

black hills spruce
Bachman’s Landscaping Data Sheet-Black Hills Spruce
MN DOT Plant Selector Data Sheet – Black Hills Spruce

Bachman’s Landscaping Data Sheet-Kentucky coffeetree
UCONN Plant Database-Kentucky Coffeetree



MN DOT Plant Selector Data Sheet – Japanese Tree Lilac
Bachman’s Landscaping Data Sheet – Japanese Tree Lilac ‘Ivory Silk’

northern red oak
Bachman’s Landscaping Data Sheet – Red Oak
MN DOT Plant Selector Data Sheet – Red Oak

UCONN Plant Database – London Planetree
Missouri Botanical Gardens Plant Finder – London Planetree


MN DOT Plant Selector Data Sheet – MN Redbud
Bachman’s Landscaping Data Sheet – MN Redbud


valley forg elm

Bachman’s Landscaping Data Sheet – Valley Forge Elm
UCONN Plant Database – American Elm