Tree Trust invites Minnesota schools to bring outdoor environmental science to their curriculum with Learning with Trees. The program is funded by foundation grants and corporate sponsorships, so there are no fees charged to schools for participation in the program.

The Learning With Trees program pairs schools around the state of Minnesota with a funding partner to create outdoor learning areas on their grounds. Each school forms a Green Team of teachers, staff and parents to do a landscape plan and students gain hands-on experience with the natural world when they plant trees together and watch them grow. Youth develop an ethic of environmental stewardship to take with them, and they leave behind an outdoor learning space for future classes to experience.

Program Components

The Learning with Trees program is designed to set up schools with comprehensive, sustainable environmental science programs that transform school grounds into living laboratories for experiential learning.

Partner schools experience these program components:

Our Town Trees Display

Students learn about the importance of trees to their local community while interacting with this hands-on exhibit.

Green Teams

Tree Trust helps each school form a committed team of parents, teachers and other school personnel who help plan an outdoor learning area and get their colleagues excited about long-term environmental learning.

Outdoor Learning Areas

Tree Trust works with each school’s Green Team to create a landscape plan that meets their educational and environmental needs. The plan becomes a reality during an all-school event where students dig holes, plant trees, mulch and water the new plantings and celebrate their school’s commitment to the environment.

Partner Schools

Schools may apply year-round for participation in this program. If you are interested in being a Learning with Trees school, contact Diana Preisen at 952-767-3880, or download the application here.

Tree Trust thanks the following schools for participating in Learning with Trees during the Spring 2017 school year.

  • Raven Stream Elementary
  • North Trail Elementary
  • Brooklyn STEAM Middle
  • Lake Marion Elementary