Thank you to everyone who donated to Tree Trust during the Brackets for Good tournament; all donations made will support our Green Futures Fund. The tournament is over for us, but we are still raising funds for the Green Futures Program through the month of April!

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The Green Futures program has been creating greener futures for Twin Cities metro communities since 2008. Since its inception, this initiative has added 1,175 trees to the Twin Cities environment, and is increasing in importance due to the onset of emerald ash borer and the imminent loss of 2,000,000 trees in the metro in coming years. The work of Tree Trust to “speak for the trees” will continue as we raise awareness about EAB, advocate to homeowners to explore solutions, and help communities plant more trees through our Green Futures fund – which now has a waiting list for communities who want our help in the fight to maintain their tree canopy.

20170513_102706_1494866732486FACT: There are nearly a billion ash trees in the state of Minnesota. Ash trees typically compose 20-30% of a community’s tree cover.
FACT: The emerald ash borer will kill all untreated ash trees – as already demonstrated in other states.
FACT: The loss of thousands of ash trees to a community will have a negative effect on air quality, stormwater management, energy savings, property values, aesthetics, and many other factors.

Minnesota’s ash tree story doesn’t have to end in doom and gloom. There are things we can all do to make things better. Most notably – you can help Tree Trust plant more trees!

Your contribution will be matched by an anonymous donor, and will cumulatively help support Green Futures tree plantings in communities around the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Thank you for your support of a greener future for our Twin Cities!