5 Ways to Care for Trees this Spring

  • 1. Show some TLC to the trees in your yard!

      • Look for damaged branches that may have broken under weight of the snow, and prune them using clean tools. We recommend cleaning tools with Lysol or a 10% bleach solution to prevent your tools from spreading disease, and fungus.
      • Freshen the mulch around your tree, being sure not to put the mulch against the tree trunk.
      • If you’ve wrapped your trees for sunscald, leave them wrapped until there are not significant swings between nighttime and daytime temperatures.
      • Keep the big trees in your yard healthy – they will be more and more important as we lose ash trees to emerald ash borer in the coming years.
  • 2. Add Trees to the Urban Forest

        • Volunteer Tree Plantings: we provide all the tools, training, and oversight you need to make an impact on your community’s urban forest!
        • Help 1,300 new trees make it to their forever home by volunteering at one of our Tree Distributions
        • If you plan to plant trees in your yard, check out our video for the latest techniques to plant a tree to ensure it is happy and healthy for decades to come!
  • 3. Fight Emerald Ash Borer

        • Visit our page ActOnAsh to learn more about fighting the emerald ash borer in your yard and community!
  • 4. Get Involved

        • If your community has a natural resources or tree board for citizens, consider joining!
        • If your workplace has a workplace giving campaign, encourage your staff to add the Minnesota Environmental Fund as an option, so your workplace giving donations can go to MN-based environmental nonprofits!
        • Donate to Tree Trust’s Green Futures campaign, which helps us plant trees the next generation of trees.
  • 5. Get Outside

        • Unpredictable weather doesn’t stop Minnesotans from enjoying our parks and trails! Check your local parks for upcoming activities like The ALS Association Super Hero Dash in St. Paul, The Lions Club Egg Hunt in St. Louis Park, The Annual MayDay Parade in Minneapolis, and the Arboretum Bud Break 5k in Carver County.
        • In Earth Month and Arbor Month (April and May), the metro is full of family-friendly opportunities to give back to the environment. Check the MN Environmental Fund Event Calendar for volunteer activities from more than 15 local green nonprofits.
        • Be sure to take advantage of Minnesota’s beautiful state parks system!

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