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A local business collaborative provides funds and volunteers to plant 100+ trees

In a continuing effort to bring trees to North Minneapolis neighborhoods, Tree Trust has teamed up with a local partner to plant trees at residences and a local park on Friday, October 5, 2018. A local business group, dubbed the “Autonomous Collective of MN”, has provided funding and volunteers for this one-day tree planting blitz that will add 128 trees to 80 North Minneapolis residential properties and at Folwell Park.

The PLANT MORE TREES initiative is an off-shoot of a program launched by Tree Trust in 2012 after a tornado ravaged much of North Minneapolis. This was an area already low in tree canopy, and like all of Minnesota, is being further devastated by emerald ash borer (EAB) which will kill over two million trees in the metro in coming years. The Autonomous Collective has taken over supporting the project that has been funded by a variety of other sponsors over the years. The group of ten local landscape, arborist, and remodeling firms from Minneapolis are interested because they see the link between building and improving houses and landscapes and planting more trees.

The group raised over $25,000 in donations from their companies, clients and friends, and Tree Trust facilitates the project through their community forestry department. Residents of North Minneapolis have been signing up since spring to receive the free trees that will be planted in their yards, and the volunteers will gather and then disperse into North Minneapolis on Friday, October 5 to get the trees planted.

Autonomous Collective founders Jason Rathe from Field Landscape and Jim Walsh from Vineland Tree Care say they just wanted to do something simple and effective. Jim says, “We were talking over a beer about how somebody should really do something to make sure that we re-tree the urban forest… and we realized we were that somebody.” Jason has been amazed at the response from other businesses. “Pretty much all of the companies we talked to have been enthusiastic and jumped in to start donating and offered help. That isn’t surprising though. Contractors are really “let’s-just-get-something-done” kind of people.”

Since 1976, Tree Trust has been bringing people together to create positive, lasting changes in their lives and in their communities.  From Minneapolis and Saint Paul to the suburbs to greater Minnesota, Tree Trust leaves lasting improvements in parks, nature areas, schools, neighborhood spaces, community agencies, and backyards. Every day, Tree Trust is investing in a better future by working in partnership with young people and adults to improve their lives and transform the green landscapes of our communities.

Support the Autonomous Collective and adding trees to North Minneapolis

Support Tree Trust’s Community Forestry efforts throughout Minnesota

Volunteer to plant trees

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  1. Aniele LeGarde
    Why is website saying the oct 5th event has passed . It’s even been advertised in the Camden Newspsper I got today in mail . I would like to apply for a tree and I’d like to volunteer to help plant trees for others
  2. Karen Zumach
    Hello Aniele! Thanks for letting us know...we'll get that updated. We are still working the details for this year's program, we'll let you know as soon as we have the plans in place!

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