Donate to a Nonprofit Transforming Lives and Landscapes

If we learned anything from this past year, it’s that we can thrive when we work together as a community. Because of support from donors, volunteers, and partners, Tree Trust continues to transform lives and landscapes every day.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new monthly, legacy, and leadership giving programs, designed to fit the needs of our donors and give Tree Trust the financial stability it needs to be successful now and well into the future. We invite our supporters to connect with our mission as a charity on a deeper level and invest in this important work by choosing from the different types of giving programs available. By making your charitable donation to a nonprofit like Tree Trust, you provide funds that really make a difference!

Friends of Trees – Monthly Giving

Donate to a Nonprofit

Tree Trust, a charitable organization, works throughout the entire year – to counteract the decline of our urban tree canopy and to support the next generation of Minnesota’s workforce. To focus on our mission and accomplish our goals as effectively as possible, we depend on reliable charitable contributions every month – funds that we can count on to keep our mission moving forward. This is where you come in! Friends of Trees is Tree Trust’s monthly giving program for individual donors who make a recurring donation to Tree Trust.

When you are a Friend of Trees, you become the dependable partner we need. You can know that no matter what else you have going on, you’re dedicated to living out your values. But that’s not all – you can look forward to exclusive quarterly updates, a special gift from Tree Trust, and an annual contribution statement for a charitable tax deduction.

Trees of Tomorrow – Legacy Giving

Donate to a Nonprofit

Trees of Tomorrow is our legacy giving program. You may ask, what is legacy giving? Rather than making a donation now, you can plan your contribution to an eligible nonprofit like Tree Trust for the future – via a bequest, a life insurance policy, or your retirement account(s). Our donors within this program, who we call Trees of Tomorrow Trustees, help lay the foundation for our future, casting a vision of a thriving workforce living on a healthy planet.  

Legacy giving is truly transformative. For many donors, a legacy gift is the largest philanthropic donation they make in their lifetime. With a legacy contribution, you can make a powerful, positive impact to benefit our community, and you get a front-row seat to the work of Tree Trust. Every year after you become a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee, you will be invited to join our CEO for lunch, coffee, or tea, and to attend special events.

Tree Champions – Leadership Giving

Donate to a Nonprofit

Tree Trust is tackling big issues, and big issues demand big solutions. We have exciting plans to address these needs but doing so requires significant financial resources and ongoing funding. Tree Champions is our leadership giving program, for our individual donors who make a contribution of $1,000+ each year. When you become a Tree Champion, you are taking a vital step by claiming your place as a leader in our community, helping to make it a better place for generations to come. You are working towards our shared vision of a thriving workforce living on a healthy planet.

As a Tree Champion, your commitment to us is more than your financial donation. You are our partner in this work, and we are so grateful. To express our gratitude, you can expect annual membership benefits including a special Tree Trust gift, insider news and updates about our nonprofit organization, and annual meetings with our CEO. 

Join Us in Achieving Our Mission

When you make a contribution to Tree Trust of any donation size, you are advancing our mission and impacting the lives of thousands of community members across the Twin Cities.

You are creating the future we need.

You are transforming lives and landscapes.

Help us achieve our mission today! We hope you will select us as one of your favorite charities for charitable donations. We invite you to check out our website for more information and to learn how to join one (or more) of our programs: