Become a Tree Trust Employer Partner

Become a Tree Trust Employer Partner

Join us in increasing your organization’s talent pipeline by investing in the future workforce.

For over 20 years, Tree Trust partners with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to provide a variety of work experiences and internships for our youth and young adult program participants. By investing in the next generation, Tree Trust employer partners are helping meet the needs of our community. Preparing young people to gain experience and training allows us to develop a diverse and highly skilled workforce that our community needs in this global economy.

Why Hire Interns with Tree Trust?

By becoming a Tree Trust employer partner, you not only give an intern from one of our programs a chance to discover their career path, but you also grow your team and gain new perspectives and brand advocates. You have the opportunity to train an employee at little to no cost to your business.

  • Opportunity to train potential full-time employees while Tree Trust pays the intern’s wages
  • Invest in future leaders and a diverse workplace
  • Introduce your organization to the future workforce
  • Diversify your organization’s talent and team
  • Employ skilled individuals who have undergone employment readiness training
  • Receive support from Tree Trust Case Management Services for the duration of the internship


What Does an Employer Partner Provide?

As an employer partner, you will be helping an individual gain a rewarding, educational, and skill building work experience. You will provide:

  • A 9–12-week internship (year-round)
  • 20–30 hours per week of work
  • Supervision and training for your intern(s)
  • Regularly submit time sheets to Tree Trust


What Does Tree Trust Provide?

Tree Trust staff will work with you every step of the way to make sure you and the individual are fully supported. Tree Trust will provide:

  • Compensation and salary for the intern(s)
  • Personalized support for supervisor(s) and intern(s)
  • Materials and resources for supervisor(s) and intern(s)
  • Determined, diverse, and dynamic young talent


What Is the Process to Hire an Intern?

The first step is to schedule an informational interview with one of our Tree Trust staff. Through this process outlined below, we can answer all of your questions and help you hire an intern.

As Tree Trust continues to meet the needs of our community, we are looking to connect with employer partners that want to make an impact in the future workforce. If your business or organization is interested in learning more about becoming a Tree Trust employer, take the first step and connect with our Outreach Coordinator.


  • What are the responsibilities of an employer partner?

      • Establish clear expectations and duties
      • Regularly check-in with intern(s) to ensure understanding and answer any questions
      • Weekly meeting guide
      • Provide constructive feedback
      • Hold intern(s) accountable (submit Work Violation notices when necessary)
      • Submit Evaluations and Raise Assessments (provided by Tree Trust for the employer partner to fill out)
      • Review, sign, and submit time sheets regularly
  • Will I be able to interview the interns?

    Absolutely, in fact we encourage all of our employer partners to conduct an interview with the interns. We want them to get a realistic experience and we want interviewing to be a part of that. Practice always helps them improve their skills.
  • What if they are not a good fit for the position?

    Employer partners can say no to an intern; however, we would like for our employer partners to inform the individual why they did not get the position. This is a training program and we ultimately want our interns to learn as much as they can.
  • Are there performance evaluations or times for feedback?

    Yes, we encourage feedback regularly. We have Outstanding Worker and Work Violation notices. Employer partners are also required to fill out a performance evaluation at both the beginning and end of the internship experience.
  • Can I hire them full-time after the internship?

    Absolutely. You are not limited to the internship solely.
  • What age are the interns?

    Our youth and young adult programs work with individuals aged 16-24. Our Community Support program works with individuals of all ages who receive MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Plan) assistance.
  • What barriers may interns be facing?

    Interns come from a variety of backgrounds, but here are some of our program eligibility requirements:

      • Low income
      • Behind in math or reading for their grade level
      • Have an IEP (individual education plan)
      • Previously or currently in the foster care system
      • Diagnosed disability