Community Forestry

Why are trees important in our communities?

Our urban and community forests provide a multitude of benefits to both humans and our environment.  Trees clean the air, mitigate storm water runoff to our lakes and rivers, sequester carbon, shade our homes, cool our cities and provide more and more of these benefits as they increase in age.  Trees keep us healthy, improve livability, reduce stress and crime, increase property values and increase business traffic.  In the end, the real question is, what can’t trees do?  Find out more about the importance of trees in our communities here.

Learn about the largest threat to Minnesota trees, the emerald ash borer, here.

The Tree Trust Community Forestry department organizes efforts to increase the urban tree canopy through community and school- based volunteer plantings, municipal tree distributions and other special forestry initiatives. By emphasizing proper planting techniques and continued maintenance, these events lay the groundwork for enlightened environmental stewardship.  See how to Plant a Tree the Tree Trust Way, or learn more about the Green Futures Program, tree distributions, Learning with Trees at schools, helpful tree resources, and community volunteer opportunities.  

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