Green Futures Program

The Green Futures program has been creating greener futures for Twin Cities metro communities since 2008. Since its inception, this initiative has added 1,175 trees to the Twin Cities environment, and is increasing in importance due to the onset of emerald ash borer and the imminent loss of 2,000,000 trees in the metro in coming years. The work of Tree Trust to raise awareness about EAB, advocate to homeowners to explore solutions, and help communities plant more trees through our Green Futures fund.

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FACT: There are nearly a billion ash trees in the state of Minnesota. Ash trees typically compose 20-30% of a community’s tree cover.
FACT: The emerald ash borer will kill all untreated ash trees – as already demonstrated in other states.
FACT: The loss of thousands of ash trees to a community will have a negative effect on air quality, stormwater management, energy savings, property values, aesthetics, and many other factors.

Minnesota’s ash tree story doesn’t have to end in doom and gloom. There are things we can all do to make things better. Most notably – you can help Tree Trust plant more trees!

Your contribution will be matched by an anonymous donor, and will cumulatively help support Green Futures tree plantings in communities around the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Thank you for your support of a greener future for our Twin Cities!

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How the Green Futures Program Works

  • Tree Trust will coordinate community plantings of 50 or more trees with interested municipalities in public parks or recreation areas (not private property). Plantings will occur in the spring and fall, and trees will be six- to eight-foot, well-established trees (not saplings).
  • Community tree plantings are fueled by volunteers who are passionate about creating a community impact. These volunteers are trained in proper planting techniques to help ensure trees are planted properly.
  • Contributions from individuals and community groups designated to the Green Futures Fund are matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous anonymous donor. Every $85 donated and matched provides another tree.


Details and Application Process for Municipalities

Becoming a Green Futures planting site is an opportunity to improve your park or recreation area. It’s also a great way to gain exposure, introduce members from the community to your organization/site, and provide an opportunity for concerned citizens to actively participate in improving their local environment. Find more details and the application form by clicking the application button at the top of this page.

If you have further questions, please contact Director of Community Forestry Karen Zumach via email or at (952) 767-3886. We look forward to working together for a greener Twin Cities!

Chris Larson, City Forester at Oakdale Public Works
Tree Trust is an incredible organization to work with on tree planting initiatives. In my community, Tree Trust helped to properly plant 46 new trees along our signature street in one day! My community was fortunate to benefit from such a well orchestrated tree planting event. Urban Foresters dream of opportunities like the Green Futures Program. I am glad I realized that the opportunity was real and all I had to do is say “yes”. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Tree Trust. I look forward to working with you again in the near future!