Success Story: Carl

Carl loves seeing a job well done. His favorite part of working with Tree Trust’s Youth Conservation Corps is, “working with your hands and learning hands-on how to actually do it all yourself.”

It’s his third summer working with Tree Trust and the high school senior has learned a lot through the years. He’s always gotten along well with his crew leaders, and likes working on a team with other crew members. He says it’s a good way for him to learn how to coexist and communicate with lots of different types of people.

Carl and his crew are working on building numerous fences at Shepard’s Farm in Cottage Grove. He’s proud knowing that he “can come back to this in five years and it will still be here.” He’s learned a lot about tools and working with his hands, too – skills that will prove very useful for him in the future, as he hopes to build a career in construction.

Carl is finishing up his high school career at an Alternative Learning Center where he intends to increase his class load and graduate a semester early. He’s glad to have had the opportunity to work for Tree Trust during the summers, saying that it’s helped him “decide to get more jobs and work harder with my life, instead of sitting around on the couch all day playing video games. It’s a good thing to do with my time.”

His tip for working outside during the hot summers is to always keep up a good attitude and to “keep on working – good things come the harder you work.”

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