Tree Planting with Green Futures

20161008_110013bTree Trust’s Green Futures program uses the power of individual donors and volunteers to plant hundreds of trees in communities in need.

Urban and community forests provide a multitude of benefits to both humans and our environment: trees clean the air, mitigate stormwater runoff to our lakes and rivers, sequester carbon, shade our homes, cool our cities, and provide more and more of these benefits as they increase in age.  Planting trees is more important than ever, as emerald ash borer threatens to destroy 2,000,000 trees in just the Twin Cities metro!

Tree Trust now has a waiting list for communities who want our help in the fight to maintain their tree canopy, and that’s where the Green Futures program comes in!


IMG_6403bThe impact of Green Futures is something Jim Vaughan, the Natural Resources Coordinator of St. Louis Park, knows well. His city has hosted numerous volunteer tree plantings in partnership with Tree Trust. “Green Futures helped us pay for trees and related planting costs, and provided volunteers to plant trees that never would have been planted in our parks otherwise. Those trees are now growing, thriving, and contributing to a more diverse and resilient community forest.”

Emily Ball, Forester for the City of Lakeville, agrees. “The scale and extent of tree planting would not have been possible without the Green Futures Program, and we are so thankful to have been selected.”

Partnering with Tree Trust for a Green Futures planting allows cities to plant a large amount of diverse trees at a low cost because Tree Trust manages the project and enlists the help of hundreds of volunteers each year. Jacob Busiahn, the Natural Resources Technician for the 2015 Green Futures planting in Shakopee, was specifically impressed with the efficiency of the partnership. “Tree Trust did all of the leg work for the project, keeping us involved and making sure all of our needs were met along the way. Come planting day, we had plenty of volunteers and everything went great-we planted 100 trees within a couple hours!”

You can be a part of the Green Futures Program this year!

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

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