Youth Employment Skills Day

Untitled design (21)On two Saturdays in April, teens and young adults gathered at local workforce development centers in their community to build their employment readiness skills. A total of 43 young people between the ages of 14-21 attended Tree Trust’s Youth Employment Skills Day (YES-Day). Some participants of YES-Day will continue on to a 7 to 9-week paid internship with Tree Trust this summer.

The goal of YES-Day was to provide teens with basic skills they need to succeed in the workplace. As summer approaches, many of the attendees will be getting their first jobs. The skills they learned at YES-Day will prepare them for success at that job, and as they look for future work.

Youth attendees participated in workshops about Budgeting and Personal Finance, Workplace Communication and Norms, Resume and Job Applications, and Career Exploration.

In the Budgeting and Personal Finance Workshop, participants learned to use formulas in Excel to calculate their monthly and overall pay, their taxes, and how much they could make if they got a raise. They then worked through a budgeting activity in pairs, deducting expenses like new bike tires, movies, or food for their family, and adding in additional income received from babysitting or winning a contest. Some participants had never seen Excel before, and the ones who had used it had never before used formulas to calculate within the program.

Participants were provided their own USB drive to save the materials they used and created during YES-Day.

Tree Trust provides employment readiness training, including workshops like these, for hundreds of young people every year.


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