Andy loves a job well done and working hard. His favorite part about Tree Trust is, “working with your hands and learning how to use landscaping tools safely and efficiently.”

Four years ago, Andy started his first job ever as a participant in Tree Trust’s Summer Youth Employment Program! This summer, he works on staff as the summer program assistant to manage administrative tasks using Salesforce and assist the crews out in the field. Andy’s experiences at Tree Trust over the years have positively impacted his life. He shares that one of the most important things he’s learned so far is how to apply for a job and having good communication skills with your supervisor.

“Tree Trust does a wonderful job of modeling what you need to be a successful employee. The supervisors have a good expectation of you. They don’t hold your hand. They let you experience what a real-life supervisor would want of you.”

Andy gets along well with different crew leaders, and enjoys working with a variety of people. While engaging with others on several different projects, he says that “the best part about Tree Trust is the people who are involved because so many people have so many different stories and walks of life. It’s just incredible to be with them.”

At Tree Trust, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed, and empowered youth and young adults have the potential to change and influence our community. Andy recommends Tree Trust to “anyone who needs a job or has a disability that’s preventing them from getting a job.”

“A lot of people believe in you in this organization.”

Not only does Tree Trust impact Andy’s life positively, but also strengthened his understanding of how to better care for the world around him. He shares, “I’m surrounded by very positive people and have a really good support group here. Tree Trust helped me understand more about the environment. I learned how to be greener and less wasteful. Now I know better about what we can do to protect the environment and take steps to have a healthier environment.”

His advice to young people interested in Tree Trust is “to continue to work hard because they will notice it and reward you on it. Recognize that you are an important part of the team.”

If you are seeking a different learning opportunity, check out Tree Trust YouthBuild for hands-on employment training, career exploration, and leadership development! 

For more information about Tree Trust employment programs for young people contact our Outreach Coordinator via email or at 612-508-0292!