Learning with Trees™

Tree Trust’s Learning with Trees™ program has been bringing environmental education to Minnesota schools for the last 20 years.

We Empower:

A Tree Trust coordinator guides a Green Team of school personnel through the planning of a school landscape plan, school-wide tree planting day, and maintenance of the planted trees.

We Create:

A landscape designer from Tree Trust uses ideas from the school’s Green Team to create a landscape plan that fits with each school’s unique needs.

We Educate:

Schools host the interactive traveling exhibit, “Our Town Trees” to teach students about the benefits of trees.

We Plant:

Students learn hands-on about trees as they each plant a tree with their classroom.

Tree Education in Schools

Transform your school grounds into an
environmental learning classroom!

Green Education

Tree Trust’s Learning with Trees™ program is a free program for Minnesota elementary and middle schools, funded by foundation grants and corporate sponsorships so there are no fees charged to schools for participation. Schools may apply year-round for participation in this program, however, availability to participate is dependent on geographic location in relation to sponsorships.

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“The Learning with Trees™ program with Tree Trust has been absolutely amazing for our school campus, and an amazing experience for our students and helped unite our entire school community!
Nearly two years later, our students still remember which tree or shrub their class planted
and we are beginning to enjoy the beauty of the growing trees. As a principal, I have partnered
with Tree Trust at two separate schools in two different communities and would do it again in
an instant; they are a top-notch group to work with, work to understand our needs, and truly
want to make a positive impact on our school community and the future of our environment.”
– Will Remmert, Principal, Eagle View Elementary School


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