Working together, we offer promising young people the opportunity to build sustainable and meaningful careers.

Through collaborating with business, nonprofit, and government agency partners to address job seeker and employer needs, we equip participants with career training and hands-on experience, offering paid work experience. Tree Trust has mentored more than 55,000 individuals, ages 14-25, since 1976. Through Career Pathways, we offer a variety of in-demand green and skilled trade training from entry-level experiences with certificates to pre-apprenticeship programs with industry-recognized credentials. Employer partners make a worthwhile investment in developing a diverse highly skilled workforce to meet community needs.

Ways to engage in creating a thriving workforce:

  • Hire Career Pathways interns.
  • Speak at Tree Trust about your industry or offer workplace tours.
  • Participate in a career fair to discuss open positions at your organization.
  • Offer ideas or feedback for Tree Trust employment training curriculum.

Become a Tree Trust Employer Partner Today!

As Tree Trust continues to meet the needs of our community, we seek employer partners that mutually share the goal of investing in promising young people. Contact us if you are interested in becoming an employer partner or want to learn more.

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