Tree Champions

Embrace Your Passions Through Your Giving

Tree Trust is tackling big issues, and big issues demand big solutions. Our Tree Champions stand with us each year, advancing our mission through their big generosity.
  By becoming a Tree Champion, you are joining us as a leader in this work. 
 You are inspiring and preparing the next generation of our workforce. 
 You are becoming a champion for a greener, healthier community, one where all people are thriving with meaningful, family-supporting work. 

Online gifts to Tree Trust are 100% tax-deductible.

About Tree Champions

Tree Champions is Tree Trust’s leadership giving program, for our donors who contribute $1,000+ each year (including employer matching gifts). Being a Tree Champion is your opportunity to stand with Tree Trust, to transform lives and landscapes in the Twin Cities in a big way.
Step up to lead the solutions our community needs.
Join us as a Tree Champion today!

Why Leadership Giving?

Tree Trust is here, year after year – working to counteract the decline of our urban tree canopy, and to support and prepare the next generation of Minnesota’s workforce. 
We have big plans for addressing these needs, but doing so requires significant financial resources. 
This is where you come in! 
When you become a Tree Champion, you are claiming your place as a leader in our community, helping to make it a better place for generations to come. You are working towards our shared vision of a thriving workforce living on a healthy planet. 
This is your opportunity to transform your values into reality.  

Our Offerings to You

As a Tree Champion, your commitment to us is more than your financial gifts. You are our partner in this work, and we are so grateful. 

To express our gratitude, we offer these gifts to you. 

Special Tree Champions Gift

To thank you for your leadership-level commitment to our work, you’ll receive a set of wooden Tree Champion coasters, as an everyday reminder of your partnership with us.

Annual Meeting with Tree Trust’s CEO

Every year you are a Tree Champion, our CEO will be happy to join you for lunch, coffee, or tea. There, you will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments for Tree Trust and to strategize about our work together.

Insider News & Updates

As a Tree Champion, you get a front-row seat to our work. You can look forward to a quarterly email update — just for Tree Champions — from our CEO, because we know how important our work is to you. In addition, as a Tree Champion, you will receive a mailing of our annual report, with a special letter from our CEO. You will stay up-to-date on all of our programs, initiatives, volunteer opportunities, new strategic developments, and more.

Please contact our Development Team with any questions or for more information.