Trees of Tomorrow

Build Your Legacy Today

When you make a legacy gift to Tree Trust, you are not just investing in our essential mission, you are investing in our community – both its people and its natural beauty.
You are deciding that you want to create a greener, healthier future for the Twin Cities.
You are deciding what you will leave behind when you are gone.
You are solidifying your vision for positively transformed lives and landscapes here in our community, for years to come. 

About Trees of Tomorrow

Trees of Tomorrow is Tree Trust’s legacy-giving program.

What is legacy giving? Rather than giving your gift now, you plan your gift for the future – via a bequest, a life insurance policy, or from your retirement account(s).

Donors in this program, whom we call Trees of Tomorrow Trustees, help lay the foundation for our future, casting a vision of a thriving workforce living on a healthy planet.

Do you share that vision? If yes, now is your time! This is your opportunity to realize your vision.

Why Legacy Giving?

Legacy giving is truly transformative. For many people, a legacy gift is the largest philanthropic gift they make in their lifetime. With a legacy gift, you can make a powerful, positive impact!

When you become a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee, you are planting hope for the future. You are casting a vision that may seem hard to imagine today – but, with time, is achievable.

And even though, when you give a legacy gift, you may not see the impact of your generosity today, you can trust that your impact will reverberate far into the future.

Looking for that kind of powerful, positive legacy?

Our Offerings to You

Our commitment to you is just as important as your commitment to us. When you become a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee, you join us in our vision of a thriving workforce living on a healthy planet…and we are so grateful for you! 

To express our gratitude, we offer these gifts to you. 

Special Trees of Tomorrow Gift

Your legacy gift will always be remembered at Tree Trust, and we want you to have something to remember us by, too. All Trees of Tomorrow Trustees will receive a wood-covered Tree Trust notebook.

Annual Meeting with Tree Trust’s CEO

Every year after you become a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee, our CEO will be happy to join you for lunch, coffee, or tea. You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments for Tree Trust and to dream about our future together.

Special Site Visits

While we may not receive your legacy gift for years, your positive impact starts today. As a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee, you’ll have the opportunity to visit our project sites during the year. Whether it’s a tree-planting, a summer crew of young people out in the field, or another program in action, you’ll get to see first-hand what your legacy gift will create for our community.

Become a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee Today!

Legacy gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but they don’t have to be complicated. Check out these simple ways to give.

Ready to become a Trees of Tomorrow Trustee? Complete this form and mail back to our office, or email to [email protected].


One of the easiest ways to make a legacy gift is by naming Tree Trust as a beneficiary in your will or trust, either by leaving a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Here is some sample language you can use to make a bequest to Tree Trust: 

I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Tree Trust, a nonprofit organization in the State of Minnesota, located at 1419 Energy Park Drive, Saint Paul, MN 55108, Federal Tax ID #41-1291626, __ percent of my estate (or the residue; or the sum of money to total $__). 

IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution

Do you have an IRA? You may be able to designate (annually, if you like!) a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) of any amount (up to $100,000) to Tree Trust, starting at age 70 1/2. This QCD may help satisfy your annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and lower your taxable income. We encourage you to explore this option! Please discuss your best path forward with your tax, financial, and/or legal advisor(s).

Learn Why a Tree Trust Founder Makes a Qualified Charitable Distribution Each Year

Life Insurance

Including Tree Trust on your life insurance policy is an excellent (and simple!) way to leave a powerful, positive legacy. Just list Tree Trust as a beneficiary on your policy.

Please contact our Development Team with any questions or for more information.