Green Futures™

Green Futures

You Can Make a Difference!

We added over 7,000 trees to the urban canopy in 2023 – and we need your help to do more in 2024.

This initiative has added thousands of trees to public spaces across the Twin Cities and is more important now than ever due to the projected loss of millions of ash trees due to the emerald ash borer (EAB). Through this program, Tree Trust raises awareness of EAB and helps communities plant more trees.

Did You Know?

  • There are nearly a billion ash trees in Minnesota.
  • Ash trees typically compose 20-30% of a community’s tree cover.
  • The emerald ash borer will kill all untreated ash trees.
  • The loss of thousands of ash trees to a community negatively impacts air and water quality, property values, and many other factors.
Your gift of $250 covers the cost to purchase, plant, and maintain a well-established tree, giving it the care it needs to grow into a life-sustaining resource for generations to come.

Help us plant trees for a more sustainable urban forest.

Discover how to plant a tree the Tree Trust Way! In this informative video, learn the essential steps to plant a tree, from preparing the root ball to ensuring a healthy start for a new tree.


Tree Trust’s Green Futures program is a FREE tree planting program for public spaces and areas of the Twin Cities that need trees most. Join Tree Trust as a Planting Host Site Partner to help us grow a vibrant and resilient urban forest.


All trees are planted at no cost to the planting host site partner. Generous individuals, corporations, and foundations provide financial support, covering the cost of the program.

Partners identify an eligible location for 30 or more trees. The location could be a park, school, trail, or other area needing trees. Tree Trust will coordinate the planting event during the spring or fall planting season.

Tree Trust coordinates community volunteers to come together to plant six- to eight-foot, well-established trees with the guidance and oversight of Tree Trust’s staff and trained volunteers.

“Tree Trust is an incredible organization to work with on tree planting initiatives. In my community, Tree Trust helped to properly plant 46 new trees along our signature street in one day! My community was fortunate to benefit from such a well-orchestrated tree planting event. Urban Foresters dream of opportunities like the Green Futures Program. I am glad I realized that the opportunity was real and all I had to do is say “yes”. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Tree Trust. I look forward to working with you again in the near future”

– Chris Larson, City Forester Oakdale Public Works

We look forward to working together
for a greener Twin Cities!

Questions about our Green Futures Program?

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