Staff & Board

Senior Leadership Team:

Jared SmithExecutive Director | CEO

Anders HawesDirector of Finance

Cindy BookerDirector of Career Pathways

Karen ZumachDirector of Community Forestry

Bjorn HawesLandscape Services Business Operations Manager

Program Leaders:

Madeleine Ross, Program Manager – Branches

Jolene Rotich, Program Manager – Summer Youth Employment Program

Shannon SullivanProgram Manager – Tree Trust YouthBuild

Emma AdneyProgram Manager – Youth & Young Adult Services

Maja NumainvilleSenior Manager Program Operations


Chair:  Michael Huntington, President, Huntington Technical Services, Inc

Vice Chair: Rhea Rochon, Business Support Manager, Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Treasurer:  Dana S. Beasley, (Retired) Supervisor of Real Estate Assessment, City of Minneapolis

Secretary:  Gennae Falconer, Learning and Development Manager, Mental Health Resources


Larry Crosby, Sr. Vice President, Distribution Operations, Xcel Energy

Directors Emeriti:

G. Rolf Svendsen, Founder and Director Emeritus, (Retired) Vice President/Investments, Stifel Nicolaus

Donald C. Willeke, Founder and Director Emeritus, Partner, Willeke & Daniels; Independent Trustee, Wells Fargo Advantage Mutual Funds (1995-2015)


Anders Hawes, Director of Finance

Angela Voysey, Finance Associate

Antonio Siebenaler, Crew Leader

Catie Wold, Program Assistant

Cece Thill, Crew Leader

Chris Michael, Employment Coach

Cindy BookerDirector of Career Pathways

Craig Wiltzius, Field Coordinator – HCRRA

Daniel Spinks, Crew Leader

Elena Hammerling Duthoy, Crew Leader

Ellen Wilson, Crew Leader

Emily Cleaver, Crew Leader

Emily Knoer, Crew Leader

Emma Adney, Program Manager – Youth & Young Adult Services

Gretchen Spencer, Executive Assistant & Grant Writer

Jared Smith, Executive Director | CEO

Jenna Smith, Crew Leader

Jennifer Main, Human Resources Manager

Jessica Stortenbecker, Crew Leader

John Carver, Field Coordinator

Jolene Rotich, Program Manager – Summer Youth Employment Program

Karen Zumach, Director of Community Forestry

Keith Wyne, Senior Case Manager/Training Coordinator

Kevin Rynish, Field Coordinator

Kimberton Grey, Case Manager

Kua Xiong, Employment Coach

Laura LeFebvre, Administrative & Program Assistant

Lauren Schmelzer, Field Coordinator

Leila Lowry, Crew Leader

Madeleine Ross, Program Manager – Branches

Madison Canizales, Crew Leader

Maja NumainvilleSenior Manager Program Operations

Marta Waalen, Case Manager

Megan Christel, Community Forestry Program Coordinator

Miranda OkonekCommunications Specialist

Nathan Trees, Outreach Coordinator

Nicholas Friedl, Field Operations Manager

Nichole Schaefer, Crew Leader

Noai Guzeh, Crew Leader

Parker Kramer, Crew Leader

Rachel Morice, Community Forestry Coordinator

Raheem Simmons, Employment Success Coach

Ria Nielsen, Crew Leader

Sam Heupel, Field Coordinator

Shannon Sullivan, Program Manager – Tree Trust YouthBuild

Stephanie Serrato, Employment Coach

Tyler Asher, Crew Leader

Velma Nelson-ThomasTrainer – Construction

Will Franta, Crew Leader

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