Partner with Tree Trust

At Tree Trust, our model of work is collaborative – with each other, with our community partners, and with the people we serve.

Every day, Tree Trust partners—businesses, skilled trade employers, schools, municipalities, business advisory
council members—together with volunteers, board, and staff, play a vital role in driving our mission forward.
This mission transforms lives and landscapes by engaging people to build skills for meaningful careers,
inspiring people to plant trees, and making our community a greener, healthier place to live.

Working together, we advance the vision of a
thriving workforce living on a healthy planet.

Discover Ways to Engage:

Corporate and
Business Sponsors

Through sponsorship and volunteer
opportunities, partners make a worthwhile
investment in workforce development
and the environment.

Municipalities, Park Systems,
Public Works

At partner worksites, we teach young people valuable
skills while completing high-quality projects.
In addition, we collaborate on tree plantings
and tree sales to engage local community members.


Through collaborating with partners to address job seeker
and employer needs, we equip participants with
career training and hands-on experience.


By partnering with elementary and middle schools,
we transform school grounds into an
environmental learning classroom.

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