Friends of Trees

Live Out Your Values All Year

When you become a Friend of Trees with Tree Trust, you can rest assured that you are living out your values all year – every month – no matter what else is going on.
You are creating unique opportunities for young people to build meaningful careers.
You are investing in a thriving urban tree canopy. 
You are transforming both lives and landscapes.


Online gifts to Tree Trust are 100% tax-deductible.

About Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees is Tree Trust’s monthly giving program. Being a Friend of Trees is your opportunity to be a true partner with us. Simply set up your monthly gift, or recurring on a different schedule, to become a Friend of Trees.
Tree Trust transforms lives and landscapes every month of the year – and you can, too. Join us!

Why Monthly Giving?

Tree Trust works throughout the entire year — to counteract the decline of our urban tree canopy, and to support the next generation of Minnesota’s workforce.  
To focus on our mission, and accomplish our goals as effectively as possible, we need reliable financial support every month.  
This is where you come in! 
When you become a Friend of Trees, you become the dependable partner we need.  
AND you will know that, no matter what else you have going on, you’re dedicated to living out your values, each month of the year, through Tree Trust.

Our Offerings to You

When you become a Friend of Trees, you become our partner – one who we can rely and depend on – helping us achieve our mission. We are so grateful to you! 

To express our gratitude, we offer these gifts to you. 

Special Friends of Trees Gift

We know how much you care about the environment. You are becoming a Friend of Trees, after all!  

To thank you for your commitment to our work together, you’ll receive a Friend of Trees reusable canvas bag, so you can honor your partnership with us everywhere you go, while helping the planet by avoiding disposable bags. 

Insider News & Updates

When you step up to be a Friend of Trees, you can expect regular “insider” updates – including a Friends of Trees quarterly newsletter. Stay up-to-date on all of our programs, initiatives, volunteer opportunities, new strategic developments, and more.

Annual Giving Summary

To help you track your giving for tax and other purposes, you can expect a summary of your giving for the previous year every January.

Please contact our Development Team with any questions or for more information.