At Tree Trust, as one of our core focus areas, we equip people to achieve family-supporting, skilled trade, green careers to create economic opportunity and equity. To do this, we offer various opportunities to help promising young people build skills for a meaningful career. Our programs range from first-time work experiences to pre-apprenticeship training with industry-recognized credentials.

What is pre-apprenticeship?

Pre-apprenticeship is a hands-on training initiative that prepares entry-level workers for careers in the skilled workforce or registered apprenticeship careers. An industry-based training initiative, this is a successful model to prepare workers for highly skilled positions in high-demand occupations. Pre-apprentices receive technical instruction from expert employees and job training based on industry standards. Mastering trade skills, pre-apprentices earn nationally-recognized credentials.

Pre-Apprenticeship What are the benefits of a quality pre-apprenticeship program?

A quality pre-apprenticeship program, such as Tree Trust YouthBuild and Branches, builds a pathway to employability. Tree Trust participants build meaningful skills through hands-on projects, earn industry-recognized credentials, learn about apprenticeship opportunities, and connect with potential future employers. Apprenticeships offer a way for young people to avoid college debt and enter the workforce quickly, opening pathways to in-demand careers that pay living wages and have great benefits.

Through our paid job training opportunities in the trades, program participants belong to a successful team where Tree Trust staff provides valuable mentoring, resume building experiences, and assistance with post-training career placements. A unique feature of the pre-apprenticeship at Tree Trust is that, young people make our community a greener, heathier place to live while developing valuable skills. Program elements include tree care, landscaping, property maintenance, and construction, opening a clear pathway to in-demand careers in the skilled trades.

How can I sign up?

Our pre-apprenticeship program registration applications are available online right now!

Launch your career now by applying to Branches! This is a 16-week paid training program where young people ages 18-25 develop hands-on career training in landscaping and tree care. The application is available online and due by October 10th. Visit our website to learn more and apply.

Build your future now by applying to Tree Trust YouthBuild! Tree Trust YouthBuild offers young people ages 16-21 hands-on paid training while working towards their high school diploma. The application is available online and due by October 4th. Visit our website to learn more and apply.