Volunteer With a Great Tree Planting Organization! 

tree planting organizationAt Tree Trust, we are committed to planting trees to grow a vibrant and resilient urban forest. Our Community Forestry department organizes efforts to increase the urban tree canopy through community and school-based volunteer plantings, municipal tree distributions, and other urban forestry initiatives. By emphasizing proper planting techniques and continued maintenance, these events lay the groundwork for informed environmental stewardship and reforestation. 

Tree Trust engages hundreds of volunteers every year to plant thousands of trees to grow greener, healthier communities. In September and October, we host several volunteer tree planting and distribution events throughout the Twin Cities metro area. These events are great for individuals, families, friends, and groups. No previous experience is necessary. We provide training, tools, snacks, and trees, so that you can simply show up and enjoy the planting experience. Space is limited, so sign up to reserve your spots today and let’s plant trees! 

Why Plant Trees? 

tree planting organizationWe believe trees are superheroes. They cool our neighborhoods from the hot summer sun, soak up stormwater, improve water and air quality, protect critical habitat for wildlife, and lead the way in reducing the effects of climate change in our communities. Now, more than ever, our work planting trees is important to the regeneration of the urban forests in the wake of the devastation caused by the forest pest emerald ash borer. 

As we are learning from invasive pests such as emerald ash borer, diversity is key for healthy forests. Therefore, we need to continue to plant a wide variety of tree species for a more resilient forest. Increasing the diversity of the trees in our communities will lessen the impact of future pests and disease. 

By planting trees, we’re also helping to ensure clean water in rivers and streams, purified air, restored critical habitat for wildlife, and resilient community forests for future generations.

Impact: Think Globally, Plant Locally 

Trees offer a simple, natural climate solution to many of the global issues we face, including climate change, air quality, water quality, reforestation effort, animal habitats, and so much more. These solutions start in our own neighborhoods. On a local level, trees improve the quality of life and decrease the risk of heat-related health issues by providing cool shade. They also help ensure clean drinking water and create high-income careers in tree care and landscaping for our local workforce.  

Our friends at American Forests recently published a nationwide Tree Equity Score. The scores reveal “whether there are enough trees for everyone living in a given area to experience the health, economic and climate benefits” from trees on an equal basis. With few exceptions throughout the United States, the numbers show that communities of color and low-income neighborhoods have lower tree equity scores than other neighborhoods. Tree Trust is working to establish a thriving urban forest that benefits all members of our communities. Our approach to help with global issues is to plant locally through community tree salesvolunteer events, our Green Futures program, and our Learning with Trees™ program. 

Tree Planting Season Is Here. Are You In? 

We’re excited to plant trees this fall and can’t wait to see you! Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to make a positive environmental impact in our community for future generations and have some outdoor fun. We have numerous planting events coming up and need your help to make them happen!

Let’s Plant Trees!