Volunteering with Tree Trust is a great way to improve your environment and invest in your community! Whether it’s planting trees or stuffing envelopes, we’re sure you’ll find a fun and satisfying way to connect with us as a volunteer. If you have questions about our volunteer opportunities, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Visit our volunteer calendar below to sign-up for numerous volunteer opportunities happening this spring!

Looking for a group volunteer activity? Click HERE to check out our employee engagement and group volunteer opportunities!

Before volunteering, all participants must sign a volunteer waiver. Find it HERE.

Types of Volunteer Activities
Throughout the year, Tree Trust offers various volunteer opportunities as described below.

  • Planting Trees

    Hundreds of people volunteer every spring and fall to plant trees with us. We provide hands-on training at every event, so no experience is required to volunteer at our plantings. Individuals, friends, families and groups are invited to join us in putting trees to work for our environment. Children and dogs are welcome, as long as they’re supervised.
  • Distributing Trees

    Hand out hundreds of trees to residents who participate in municipal tree distributions, and use your creative thinking skills to figure out how to fit six-foot trees into tiny sports cars. These events are great for families, friends and other small groups and do require some lifting.
  • Administrative Assistance

    You can help us keep our participants informed and give the community a chance to contribute to our organization by assisting with mailing, filing, organizing, research, and data entry. It’s a great way for individuals to connect to our programs and further our mission.
  • Teaching and Training

    If you are a Tree Care Advisor, Master Gardener, or just someone with a strong interest in trees, you can help us teach and train the volunteers at our planting events – including students at the Learning with Trees school plantings – to do the job right. We’ll ask you to attend our Branch Manager Training in the spring or fall before you take on this advanced role.
  • Sharing Your Expertise

    Do you have training and skills in a specific area like creative or technical writing, graphic design, video production, photography, marketing, law, or finance and would like to offer pro-bono services? Would you like to lead training on financial management, career options, or other employment-related topics for our youth job trainees?