November 2: Giving Back to Our Community

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October 2: Last Chance to Buy Tickets!

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Thank you, Xcel Energy!

Everyone at Tree Trust is excited to announce – and send a huge thank you to – Xcel Energy for officially becoming Tree Trust’s largest private funder of all time! We truly could not do this work without you, and for that we are extremely grateful. Xcel Energy has been a strong supporter of Tree Trust since 1981 and as of today, has given a whopping $305,875! In recent years, this giving has focus
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Thank you, Wells Fargo!

Wells Fargo has been a valuable partner of Tree Trust’s for thirty years – since 1984. Over the course of our much-appreciated relationship with Wells Fargo, they’ve generously given a total of $117,500 – wow! Their most recent gift, in 2013, was for new tablets to be used by Youth Conservation Corps participants for educational lessons such as money management and resume-writing. Youth Conservati
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Getting There

By Tyrel Nelson, YouthBuild Lead Construction Trainer The shingles might as well be banana peels. The mid-June sun blisters the backs of our necks while Ross Dale and I fight to stay upright on a roof doing its best to fling us off. The steep pitch practically shoves our steel-toes into our shins, making our ankles ache and calves burn. Waiting for the new window to appear through the rough openin
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