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Read some of our stories below!

Success Story: Carl

Carl loves seeing a job well done. His favorite part of working with Tree Trust’s Youth Conservation Corps is, “working with your hands and learning hands-on how to actually do it all yourself.” It’s his third summer working with Tree Trust and the high school senior has learned a lot through the years. He’s always gotten along well with his crew leaders, and likes working on a team with other cre
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Success Story: Alesia

Alesia started working with Tree Trust’s Case Managers during her senior year of high school in 2011 through our Youth and Young Adult Services program.  Throughout her time with Tree Trust, Alesia accomplished many personal and professional goals. Tree Trust has helped Alesia gain certifications in CPR/FA and AED. She is also a Trained Medication Aide and previously worked as a personal car
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Success Story: Tara

Tara* has learned a lot of different skills through her summer job with Tree Trust – like the importance of getting to work on time and how to interact with different people – but the best skill she gained is communication. “My communication skills got a lot better,” she said. “I used to be anti-social and shy and didn’t like to talk to people, but now I do.” Tara added that she likes working on a
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