January: Success and Spring Forestry Updates

December: Tree Trust in 2017


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Thank you, Hubbard Broadcasting!

Everyone at Tree Trust would like to thank the Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation for supporting our community forestry and employment training for at-risk youth in the Twin Cities metro area. The Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation has been supporting Tree Trust for a whopping thirty years – since 1984. Last year, the Foundation generously donated $500 to support the general operations of the organizati
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Thank you, Ecolab!

Tree Trust would like to thank the Ecolab Foundation for their generous history of supporting our work, including youth employment training and community forestry. Since 1992, Ecolab has given a total of $128,525, including a $10,000 gift in 2014 for general operations. Today, Jamice Obianyo, Ecolab’s Community Relations Director, visited one of Tree Trust’s Youth Conservation Corps sites in St. P
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Thank you, Xcel Energy!

Everyone at Tree Trust is excited to announce – and send a huge thank you to – Xcel Energy for officially becoming Tree Trust’s largest private funder of all time! We truly could not do this work without you, and for that we are extremely grateful. Xcel Energy has been a strong supporter of Tree Trust since 1981 and as of today, has given a whopping $305,875! In recent years, this giving has focus
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