Ash Tree Removal and Replacement in Roseville

What is Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a non-native, invasive insect from Asia that kills all species of ash (Fraxinus) trees. EAB is considered to be one of the most destructive forest pests to ever invade our country and has already killed hundreds of millions of ash trees since first being discovered in Detroit in 2002. Minnesota is home to the highest population of ash trees at nearly 1 billion, with over 2 million trees located along the streets and in the parks of our communities. EAB infests ash trees by laying eggs on the bark. EAB kills trees by the tunneling of larvae under the bark, interrupting the flow of nutrients and water through the tree.

EAB in Roseville

EAB was first discovered in Roseville in the northwestern quadrant of the city in 2013. Throughout the last nearly ten years, the city has implemented a multi-pronged, proactive approach to manage public ash trees including REMOVAL of infested trees, PLANTING of trees of a diverse variety of species to diversify our future tree canopy and TREATING select ash trees in order to preserve tree canopy. Due to the nature of this pest and the number of years since it was first discovered, the infestation has become widespread across Roseville, requiring the city to act in a more aggressive way to manage this pest. In order to manage the city’s 1,152 ash trees of public property, the city of Roseville has recently entered into contract with Tree Trust, a St. Paul-based non-profit, to implement an accelerated EAB management plan. While the components of the plan has not dramatically changed, the pace at which all untreated ash trees will be removed and eventually replanted will be expedited and is expected to be completed by 2025.

Spring 2022 Tentative Ash Tree Removal Plan

Number Week Of: Approximate Address Number of Trees  
1a-1c 2-May 1725 Woodbridge Ct. N 
2-May 1732 Saint Albans Street N 
2-May 684 Roma Ave W 
2-May 2050 Farrington Avenue N 
2-May 711 Shryer Avenue W 
2-May 707 Skillman Ave W 
10 2-May 699 Belmont Ln W 
12 a-12c 2-May 535 Sandhurst Dr W 
13a-13b 2-May 565 Sandhurst Dr W 
14a-14b 2-May 740 Sandhurst Dr W 
15 9-May 759 Sandhurst Dr W 
16 9-May 767 Sandhurst Dr W 
17a-17b 9-May 807 Sandhurst Dr W 
18 9-May 816 Sandhurst Dr W 
19a-19b 9-May 838 Sandhurst Dr W 
22 9-May 2188 Oxford St N 
23 9-May 993 Ryan Ave W 
25 9-May 1015 Ruggles St W 
26 9-May 2509 Marion St 
27 9-May 2496 Brooks Cir N 
28 9-May 2515 Cohansey St N 
29 9-May 2572 Cohansey St N 
30 9-May 2572 Irene St N 
31 9-May 397 Transit Ave W 
32a-33b 16-May 776 Rose Pl W 
33a-33c 16-May 794 Oakcrest Ave W3 
34 16-May 2360 Nancy Pl N 
36 16-May 916 Lovell Ave W 
37 16-May 946 Lovell Ave W 
39 16-May 971 Grandview Ave W 
40 16-May 2424 Churchill St N 
41 16-May 1056 Transit Ave W 
42a-42b 16-May 2439 Oxford St N 
43a-43b 16-May 2945 Partridge Rd N 
44 23-May 2217 County Rd C2 W 
45 23-May 2839 Arona St N 
46 23-May 2839 Arona St N 
47 23-May 2735 Griggs St N 
48 23-May Rosebrook Park 
49 23-May 1935 County Rd B2 W 
50a-50c 23-May 2421 Rosegate 
51 23-May 2206 S Highway 36 Service Dr W 
52 23-May 2272 Marion Rd 
53a-53b 23-May 2233 Laurie Rd W 
54 23-May 2105 S Rosewood Ln W 
55 23-May 1860 Shryer Ave W 
56a-56c 23-May 2096 Midlothian Rd N 
57 23-May 50 Mid Oaks Ln 
58 23-May 1301 Draper Ave W 
59 30-May 1285 Skillman Ave W 
60a-60c 30-May 2046 Lindy Ave N 
61a-61b 30-May 1225 Eldridge Ave W 
62a-62b 30-May 2190 Pascal St N 
63 30-May 1166 Sandhurst Dr W 
64 30-May 1194 Sherren St W 
65 30-May 581 S Owasso Blvd W 
66a-66c 30-May 2676 Mackubin St N 
67 30-May 427 Judith Ave W 
68 30-May 388 Terrace Dr W 
69a-69b 30-May 2834 Western Ave N 
70a-70b 30-May 2804 Western Ave N 
71 6-Jun
2673 Woodbridge St N 
72 6-Jun2735 Matilda St N 
73a-73d 6-Jun2666 Farrington St N 
74 6-Jun2700 Farrington St N 
75 6-Jun2729 Farrington St N 
76 6-Jun2752 Farrington St N 
77 6-Jun2796 Marion St N 

Interactive Map: Ash Trees Located in Roseville

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