Ash Tree Removal and Replacement in Roseville

What is Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a non-native, invasive insect from Asia that kills all species of ash (Fraxinus) trees. EAB is considered to be one of the most destructive forest pests to ever invade our country and has already killed hundreds of millions of ash trees since first being discovered in Detroit in 2002. Minnesota is home to the highest population of ash trees at nearly 1 billion, with over 2 million trees located along the streets and in the parks of our communities. EAB infests ash trees by laying eggs on the bark. EAB kills trees by the tunneling of larvae under the bark, interrupting the flow of nutrients and water through the tree.

EAB in Roseville

EAB was first discovered in Roseville in the northwestern quadrant of the city in 2013. Throughout the last nearly ten years, the city has implemented a multi-pronged, proactive approach to manage public ash trees including REMOVAL of infested trees, PLANTING of trees of a diverse variety of species to diversify our future tree canopy and TREATING select ash trees in order to preserve tree canopy. Due to the nature of this pest and the number of years since it was first discovered, the infestation has become widespread across Roseville, requiring the city to act in a more aggressive way to manage this pest. In order to manage the city’s 1,152 ash trees of public property, the city of Roseville has recently entered into contract with Tree Trust, a St. Paul-based non-profit, to implement an accelerated EAB management plan. While the components of the plan has not dramatically changed, the pace at which all untreated ash trees will be removed and eventually replanted will be expedited and is expected to be completed by 2025.

2023 Tentative Ash Tree Removal Plan

Approximate AddressRemoval Number
1992 Evergreen Ct434
3087 Evelyn Street177
2211 County Road C2 W189
2211 County Road C2 W190
2211 County Road C2 W191
2211 County Road C2 W192
2211 County Road C2 W193
2211 County Road C2 W193.5
374 County Road C West222
374 County Road C West222.5
2593 Western Ave N223
398 Oakcrest Avenue224
388 Oakcrest Avenue225
385 Brooks Avenue W226
405 Brooks Ave W227
420 Brooks Ave W228
421 Brooks Ave W229
429 Brooks Avenue W230
428 Brooks Avenue W231
444 Transit Ave W235
429 Transit Ave W236
428 Transit Avenue W237
418 Transit Ave W238
421 Transit Ave W239
405 Transit Ave W240
385 Transit Avenue W241
2475 Cohansey St. N242
2461 Cohansey Street N243
456 Sextant Ave W244
444 Sextant Ave W245
436 Sextant Ave W246
426 Sextant Ave W247
426 Sextant Ave W248
427 Irene Ct W249
2424 Irene Street250
2436 Cohansey Street251
2418 Cohansey Street252
2409 Cohansey Street253
2408 Cohansey Street254
3085 Farrington Ct N315
2940 W Owasso Blvd N316
2944 W Owasso Blvd N317
2944 W Owasso Blvd N318
2990 Farrington St319
2968 Matilda St N321
2968 Matilda St N322
2960 Galtier St N323
2968 Marion St N324
2951 Marion St N325
2952 Marion St N326
2943 Marion St N327
2935 Marion St N328
2934 Marion St N329
2927 Marion St N330
2913 Galtier St N331
2916 Marion St N332
2913 Northview St N333
2914 Northview St N334
168 Maple Ln W335
263 County Rd C2 W336
330 Millwood St N337
2970 Highpointe Curve337.5
506 Owasso Hills Dr W338
504 Hillscourte North339
554 Owasso Hills Dr W340
2840 Hillscourte South340.3
2840 Hillscourte South340.6
2815 Hillscourte South340.9
512 Iona Ln W341
512 Iona Ln W341.3
2752 Mackubin St N341.6
747 Heinel Dr W342
807 Heinel Dr W342.5
694 Iona Ln W343
720 Iona Ln W343.5
720 Iona Ln W343.6
685 Iona Ln W344
740 Terrace Dr W344.5
714 Wheaton Ave W345
808 Terrace Dr W346
792 County Rd C W347
792 County Rd C W348
792 County Rd C W349
806 Rose Pl W350
2561 Fisk St N351
2553 Fisk St N352
2548 Avon St N353
2540 Grotto St N354
2547 Aladdin St N355
641 Overlook Dr W356
566 Transit Ave W357
574 Transit Ave W358
582 Transit Ave W359
590 Transit Ave W360
600 Transit Ave W361
583 Sextant Ave W362
583 Sextant Ave W363
664 Sextant Ave364
707 Sextant Ave W365
749 Sextant Ave W366
807 Sextant Ave W367
827 Sextant Ave W368
661 Grandview Ave W369
700 Grandview Ave W370
732 Grandview Ave W371
785 Lovell Ave W372
761 Lovell Ave W373
735 Lovell Ave W374
735 Lovell Ave W375
735 Lovell Ave W376
735 Lovell Ave W377
735 Lovell Ave W378
735 Lovell Ave W379
762 Lovell Ave W380
630 Lovell Ave381
687 Cope Ave W382
755 Cope Ave W383
763 Cope Ave W384
763 Cope Ave W385
534 Lovell Ave W386
510 Lovell Ave W387
475 Minnesota Ave W388
2397 Western Ave N389
422 Lovell Ave W389.5
2308 Auerbach Ave N390
2308 Auerbach Ave N391
259 Capitol View Cir N392
263 Capitol View Cir N393
251 Capitol View Cir N394
247 Capitol View Cir N395
2335 Woodbridge St N396
2335 Woodbridge St N397
2335 Woodbridge St N398
2335 Woodbridge St N399
2335 Woodbridge St N400

Interactive Map: Ash Trees Located in Roseville

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