St. Louis Park Tree Sale

The St. Louis Park Tree Sale is Open!

Check back often for updates.2015

Things to note: 

  • Trees are $35 each.
  • They will be available for pick up this spring from the Municipal Services Center, 7305 Oxford Street, St. Louis Park on May 4th from 8:00 am until noon as well as May 6th from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm.
    • You must pick up your tree during that time.
    • If you cannot pick up your tree during that time, you can have someone pick up the tree for you. All abandoned trees will be planted within public spaces in St. Louis Park.
  • Trees will range in size from 4 to 6’ tall and will fit inside most vehicles (SMART cars excluded).

Things to consider:

  • It’s the law to call Gopher State One Call (651-454-0002) at least three days before digging. They will mark buried utility lines for your safety.
  • Each tree will come equipped with a Plantra Tree Bark Protector to protect young trees from wildlife, winter sun scald, lawn mower and/or weed whip damage. These guards should remain on your tree for at least the first three years.
  • If you want to provide your tree with the most efficient watering system around, purchase a drip irrigation bag. Simply fill the bag with water and your tree will be deeply watered over 5-8 hours.
  • For more information, contact Tree Trust’s Community Forestry Department at (952) 767-3886 or [email protected].




Available trees for 2019:

White Fir: SOLD OUT!







River Birch – Single Stem:

What grows just as well along rivers as it does in your yard?  The answer is this single stem tree. Borer beetles won’t appreciate this tree, but you will enjoy its yellow fall color and peeling, multi-colored bark.  Save energy with this year-round beauty by planting on the west or east side of your home. Also makes a great addition to a rain garden.

50’h x 40’w. Full sun to part shade. Betula nigra

Bachman’s Landscaping Guide – River Birch

Morton Arboretum Info Sheet – River Birch


Kentucky Coffeetree:

Don’t be intimidated by the meager looking “stick” when you pick up this soon to be stately tree.  A late bloomer every year, with a slow growth rate, it will reward your patience with interesting flowers and architecture when mature.  Plant this native in an open location on the west or east side of your home.

50-60′ h x 40’w. Full sun. Gymnocladus dioicus

Bachman’s Landscaping Guide – Kentucky Coffeetree

Morton Arboretum Info Sheet – Kentucky Coffeetree


Pink Spires Crabapple: SOLD OUT!!!!







Triumph Elm:

Looking for instant shade? Look no further! This fast growing shade tree is easy to grow and will mature to the majestic shade tree elms are known for. Feel good about improving water quality and reduce your cooling costs by planting on the west or east side of your home. The Triumph elm is Dutch elm disease resistant. Requires pruning when young.

50-60′ h x 40’w. Full sun to part shade. Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’

Bachman’s Landscaping Guide – Triumph Elm

Morton Arboretum Info Sheet – Triumph Elm


Boulevard Linden:

The Boulevard linden has a regal narrow form and fragrant white flowers that blossom in June. The dark green leaves and dense structure make this sturdy native an excellent shade tree. To prevent seasonal bark damage be sure to wrap its trunk in the winter.

50-60′ h x 25-30′ w. Full sun to part shade. Tilia americana ‘Boulevard’

Bachman’s Landscaping Guide – Boulevard Linden

Morton Arboretum Info Sheet – American Basswood



Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry – Single Stem: SOLD OUT!









The yellowwood is a perfect shade tree for a smaller yard. An underused medium sized tree the yellowwood offers long panicles of fragrant white flowers in the spring, smooth grey to brown bark and a nice yellow fall color.  Avoid planting this beauty in an exposed site and be sure to wrap its delicate bark in the winter.

30-50′ h x 40-50’w. Full sun. Cladrastis kentukea

Bachman’s Landscaping Guide – Yellowwood

Morton Arboretum Info Sheet – Yellowwood