North Minneapolis Free Trees Program

If you are interested in learning more about the North Minneapolis Free Trees program, please complete this form.


How the North Minneapolis Free Trees program works:

1. Express interest by completing the form above. 
2. Attend a workshop to find out the best place to plant your tree for maximum environmental benefit and learn how to care for your new tree.
3. Order your tree at the workshop.
4. Choose the best location for your tree.
5. A tree is planted on your property in the fall courtesy of Tree Trust volunteers.
6. Care for your tree as you learned in the workshop.
7. Enjoy your new tree for many years to come!

Program History:

This program was launched following the tornado disaster in 2011 so new trees could be planted into the “tornado zone”. The initial funding came from the Tree Trust Rob MacIntyre Fund which honored a great friend of Tree Trust who lost his life during clean-up following the tornado. Over the years, the program expanded to other areas of North Minneapolis and funding came from an anonymous family foundation, and then Covanta HERC. In 2017, a collaboration of small businesses from Minneapolis calling themselves the Autonomous Collective came forward to fund the program and support their local community. They invite friends and colleagues to also support the effort to PLANT MORE TREES by making a donation. Donate here.