1 Day, 2 Cities, 125 Trees

On Saturday, May 12, Tree Trust, the cities of Eden Prairie and St. Louis Park, and 50 community volunteers added a whopping 147 trees to the urban forests of those cities in just a few short hours! We planted 22 more trees than expected! 

Every year, thanks to the generosity of volunteers and donors, Tree Trust plants and distributes ~3,000 trees to help reforest our urban environment. This work is all the more important now, as our communities are beginning to feel the damage of the emerald ash borer. Volunteers with Tree Trust are joining in the effort to keep our communities green! 

Eden Prairie Green Futures Planting| Flying Cloud Fields, Eden Prairie, MN

The planting of 68 trees at Flying Cloud Fields in Eden Prairie was made possible through a grant the City received through the Tree Trust Green Futures program. The Tree Trust Green Futures fund relies exclusively on donations made by individuals and businesses. 

St. Louis Park Planting | Shelard Park, St. Louis Park, MN

On the same day, volunteers planted 79 trees in St. Louis Park. This project was funded by the St. Louis Park Reforest Program with support from Tree Trust. 

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