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Tree Planting with Green Futures

Tree Trust’s Green Futures program uses the power of individual donors and volunteers to plant hundreds of trees in communities in need. Urban and community forests provide a multitude of benefits to both humans and our environment: trees clean the air, mitigate stormwater runoff to our lakes and rivers, sequester carbon, shade our homes, cool our cities, and provide more and more of these benefit
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5 Ways to Care for Trees this Spring

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Super Bowl LII and Community Forestry

Last spring when we dug the holes for the first Super Bowl Urban Forestry planting at Currie Park in Minneapolis, it felt like this week would never arrive – but months later – it’s finally here! We wanted to provide a visual reminder of the tree plantings that Tree Trust helped facilitate with our partners last fall. We also wanted to say thanks again to the community partners w
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Myesha and the Supported Work Program

Myesha came to Tree Trust seeking work. She had part-time experience in retail, but had a passion for childcare and wanted to learn more about the field. Tree Trust secured a paid-internship for her at Sunshine Tree Child Development as part of our Supported Work Program, which specifically serves recipients of the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP). Between September and December 2017, Tr
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Green Futures, EAB, and our Gravel Bed Nursery

Green Futures Program and Emerald Ash Borer Through our Green Futures Program, Tree Trust  planted 1,060 trees at 16 community sites between 2008-2017.  This program is increasing in popularity as cities become more aware of the losses they will suffer to their tree canopy as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) becomes more prevalent across the state. Ash trees are a significant component of the tre
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