Meet Gordon, Tree Trust Branch Manager

DSC_0013Gordon Hanson is what we call a Branch Manager- a specially trained volunteer who guides groups of new volunteers through the tree planting process during our tree planting events. Gordon has been planting trees with us for more than 15 years, and over that time he’s helped volunteers plant hundreds of trees across Minnesota.

Gordon’s reward is watching the sense of joy new volunteers get at our events. “When volunteers get a chance to dig a hole, get their hands in the soil, and water a newly planted tree, they feel a sense of ownership for that tree. I think planting trees is a bond that strengthens their connection to both nature and the community. That’s a feeling they will carry with themselves for a lifetime.” Matt, who volunteered with his friends for the first time in St. Paul, certainly agrees. “Volunteering made me feel more connected to my community. Not only did we make a positive impact, we had a ton of fun while doing it!”

Every year, hundreds of families, neighbors, friends, and coworkers come together to plant trees with Tree Trust; their effort truly shapes the urban forest as we experience it today. Gordon knows the impact that a small group of people can have on the urban environment.  “A young tree planted today can give homes to birds, food for animals, and shade for people for 40, 60 or 100 plus years to come. It’s truly a gift to the future.”

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If you would like to help plant hundreds of trees each season, while educating new volunteers of all ages on the proper planting and care of trees, consider becoming a Branch Manager with Tree Trust. Email Jessica  to learn more, and register  for our upcoming Branch Manager training!


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