What You Can Do to Care For Trees

Plant a tree the Tree Trust way!

Are you planting a containerized tree? Did you know you need a handsaw?

The process to plant trees for health and longevity is always improving- watch our video to learn best-practices!


Care for your mature trees

As we lose more and more trees to emerald ash borer in the coming years, it is even more important for property owners to take care of their mature trees. It takes decades for newly planted trees to have the same positive environmental impact as a mature tree. To learn more about caring for your trees, read The Tree Owner’s Manual provided by the National Forest Service. Or, hire a tree care company with certified arborists. 

Treat or cut down your ash trees

If you live in Minnesota, your ash trees are at risk for the emerald ash borer infestation. Ash trees without an infestation or early stages of an infestation can be treated against the emerald ash borer. If you do not want to treat your ash tree, or its infestation is too advanced, you will need to cut your tree down. Dying ash trees are brittle and likely to fall unexpectedly. Don’t be caught unaware!

To learn more about EAB, to identify if you have an ash, and take steps to treat or remove your tree, visit the EAB page of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. If you opt to cut down your tree, choose a certified arborist like our own Tree Trust Landscape Service division

Water your new boulevard trees, or adopt a new tree in your neighborhood

Municipalities often struggle to keep boulevard and public trees fully watered in the hot summer months. If you notice any of the trees on public property are looking dry, you can water them! Our friends at Brewing a Better Forest even have an adopt-a-tree program that will get you a free beer at a Twin Cities brewery! 

Be the Lorax in your Community and ‘speak for the trees’

Minnesotans pride ourselves on our great outdoors, and our cities are known for their green space. However, it is important that we all continue to speak to our council members and legislators regarding the importance of trees to our communities! And if you need a little inspiration, watch this reading of The Lorax (or check out the book from your local library)!

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